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Another ARASHIAN livejournal

Hamsterígeno [Noru LJ]
External Services:
  • nonoru@livejournal.com

My friends and relatives calls
me Noru, I'm a 21 years old girl who lives in Mallorca Island, Spain. I'm
student, dancer-singer gyaru wannabe and fangirl. My fandom is ARASHI and my
ichiban is the purple-freaking-guy called Matsumoto Jun ♥.My
friends say that i'm being obsessed with them, but finally some of they have
fallen into ARASHI fandom too. As you can see, my gramatical english have a
lot of errors x_X , but I keep on trying to do my best! ò_ó9.

My brother said that I'm have been influenced a lot by Matsujun and his way
of live, what is he hoping? I'm Junbaited! ahahha! xD

Oh! I hate all Beckii Cruel fandom related, spiders, storms and darkness :/

If you want to know more about
me, feel free to ask any question! :)


My hobbies are:

♥ Make ARASHI's choreographies and songs covers.

♥ Write fanfics about ARASHI, Jun or Juntoshi~ (but for some strange
reason I never have ended them '_';).

♥ Draw and do some fanarts and fancomics.

♥ Waste my time tweeting on my twitter account, my facebook or desinging
graphics on photoshop.

♥ Shopping, Shopping and shopping! 8D

♥ Go out some Saturday nights with my friends 8)

♥ Sleep and eat!

♥Follow MatsuJun's works ♥
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