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Semi friends!

The reason for this announcement is because I post some entries for frinds and others in public mode, and I interest  to make friends with similar interests ♥

But first are some steps you must have attention :

• The 99% of my entries are in spanish xD . But are some entries in english too, but is a bad-poor english XDU.

•Sometimes I post some graphics like avatars or banners, if you take someone please remember to take me credit (keep in mind this, or Jun in DoS mode bit your head uwahahahaha!!)

• Too I post some pervert, craze coments about my fandom XD if you think can resist it, you're welcome.

• If you are the first to addd me, I wanna know why. (Don't worry I don't kill you : D ).

In short: I try write more entries in bad-noru-english! (^_____ ^)V (LOL )

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